5 people hospitalized with lung disease after vaping, Utah health officials report

5 people hospitalized with lung disease after vaping, Utah health officials report

Health Officials at the Utah State mentioned that 5 people have been hospitalized with complaints of serious breathing issues after vaping/use of similar inhalation drugs. The patients also complained of fatigue, shortness in breathing, coughing, and chest pain, as confirmed by the news release by Utah Department of Health.

Apart from that, the agency refrained to release more information like gender or age about the affected patients. As per the release, some patients required assistance in breathing. It hasn’t yet been determined whether any of the patients shall suffer any long-term issues with regards to health. As of now, all of the patients have improved following the treatment.

Similar instances have been noted in various other states which include Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Anyone that experiences any form of breathing difficulty or chest pain post vaping needs to get some medical help in an immediate manner.

The health officials at Wisconsin have confirmed around 15 cases noting a similar instance. Another 6 cases were noted in Illinois, while 4 were noted in Minnesota. Other cases might be presented in California and Indiana. This might negate the idea that vaping is safer as opposed to smoking.

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