Alabama abortion law: Judge blocks bill from taking effect

Alabama abortion law- Judge blocks bill from taking effect

A fed judge has blocked an Alabama abortion law temporarily which criminalized the abortion procedure from being performed at any pregnancy stage in most of the cases.

The state was sued by abortion rights activists after the controversial bill was approved by Republican lawmakers in May. However, both the sides expected that the law would get blocked in fed court.

The bill was about to take effect starting November 15 this year.

Those advocating anti-abortion believe that the case will head over to Supreme Court eventually to reverse the Alabama abortion laws.

On Tuesday, Myron Thompson, the United States District Judge, granted preliminary injunction until the time the court resolves the case completely. In one 17-page long opinion, he wrote that the ban on abortion defies the US constitution.

The abortion ban in Alabama violates a person’s right to privacy, of making choices primary to personal autonomy and dignity, wrote the judge. It diminishes a woman’s capacity to act in the society as well as to take reproductive decisions, he added.

The law permits exceptions just in case if the life of the mother was at a risk or if there was a deadly complication in the foetus. However, it wouldn’t allow an exception in the cases of incest or rape. In fact, the physicians who offer abortions could even go to prison for life as per the ban.

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