An overlooked consequence of the Supreme Court’s gerrymandering rulings: Stricter abortion laws

An overlooked consequence of the Supreme Court’s gerrymandering rulings, Stricter abortion laws

For the two months to come, the Michigan petitions will swarm the state ahead of the deadlines that are due until late-December. They are going to flock to fairs, knock on the doors, and after church, they are going to hand out pamphlets. Every single day is going to be very valuable, and every signature will hold some value to get them closer to their aim, which is to make it harder for women to get their abortion done in the home state.

If the volunteer fleet succeeds in their job, the list of states, which have tightened the abortion laws this year will have to welcome a new member –Michigan. But, the situation here is a little twisted, unlike any other state in the list that has exceedingly conservative governments, Michigan state can pass the anti-abortion laws with proper approval from the government and even without the support of the majority of its voters.

If this incident commences, the multitude of petitioners wouldn’t be the sole reason. The advocates of abortion rights would be able to point their fingers at a well-known perspective –gerrymandering. The recently elected governor of Michigan who is a democrat has promised for a veto against the antiabortion bills that were passed in the House and Senate dominated by GOP.

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