Ford Bronco Everglades edition: A family weekend adventure wherever you live

Ford Bronco Everglades edition: A family weekend adventure wherever you live
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(Our Auto Expert) — A lot of people are struggling with where to go on their vacation this summer, air travel is very expensive, and road trips are very expensive. I bet you didn’t know, that likely, within a hundred and fifty miles of your home there’s probably some great place to have an off-roading adventure, that is my suggestion for some summertime fun.

The Bronco Everglades, which Bronco just came out with, is an unusually great vehicle for an off-roading adventure. There are thousands of Overland Trails available in the United States, spanning hundreds of thousands of miles that can be driven by the simplest inexpensive family all-wheel-drive vehicles.

All the way up to some complicated well-equipped, off-roading rigs like the Bronco Everglades. The Bronco Everglades is specially made for off-roading and Overlanding, it has a snorkel, a special Warn winch up front, a special bumper rubber floor mats and vinyl seats to be washed off after that adventure.

I recently was in the upper peninsula of Michigan testing the Bronco Everglades. And was in a convoy of Everglade editions when I got to see what this off-road car can do, the trail, of course, had a lot of deep water and when I say deep water, it’s maybe a couple of feet in the deepest areas, maybe two and a half feet. Big rock groups that were eager to have the everglades crawl up and over them. And this Bronco handled all of it like a professional. Almost as if this car was made to do this,

For 2023 Ford has given us the ultimate off-road vehicle. Capable of giving us a unique off-road experience along with forever memories for you and your family for years to come.


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