Smiley: Cute things our kids say in public | Smiley Anders

Smiley: Cute things our kids say in public | Smiley Anders
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Here’s a tale from our “Why we love our adorable children” file: 

“One more story about assumptions — this one made with help from my daughter,” says Vickie McWaters, of Metairie:

“This happened 40 years ago, when getting married before having a baby was still pretty much the accepted norm.

“At seven months pregnant, I was standing in a long line at a retail store with many people behind me and just as many in front of me. A nun was directly in front of me.

“For some unknown reason, my 4-year-old daughter suddenly blurts out, ‘Mommy, if you and Daddy are going to have another baby, you’re just going to have to get married.’ (We had been married eight years at the time.)

“The nun shot me a look, and I felt all eyes on me. I patted my daughter on the head, making sure my ring finger was showing, and assured her I was well married.”

Which reminds me

My mother told me this story from my kindergarten days in Natchez, Mississippi.

She said one day my teacher called her, laughing, and said the class had been discussing special family days, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

My birthday was coming up on Nov. 20, and my mom and dad were making plans to go out for their anniversary on Nov. 17.

They had explained to me that I had been born just three days after their first anniversary.

But the way I explained it to the class was, “I was born three days after Mama and Daddy got married.”  

Eat your veggies

Rick Bogren, of New Orleans, says, “If you’re up for another hamburger story, I’ll tell you about the time in the ’50s when we were on a road trip from my home in Chicago to Florida to visit my father’s cousin.

“We stopped at a restaurant somewhere in Georgia, and I ordered a hamburger. The waitress asked how I wanted it, and I said, ‘With the works.’

“In Chicago ‘the works’ meant ketchup, mustard, onion, and pickles (like a McDonald’s burger).

“What I got was mayo, lettuce, and sliced tomato — my first introduction to Southern ‘dressed.'”

Not for dessert

“Your items about ‘tomato burgers’ and such reminded me of a story my dad would tell,” says Cindy Black Bouchie, of Pineville:

“He said when he was in the Army in World War II, he had a bunkmate from New York who went on and on about ‘tomato pies’ and how great they were.

“My dad, who wasn’t keen on many vegetables, wasn’t impressed.

“It wasn’t until after the war that he figured out his buddy was talking about pizzas.”

All washed up

Gordon Holcomb tells of a neglected kitchen appliance:

“National Public Radio asked people, ‘What should you never put in a dishwasher?’

“Answers included:

“‘I never use the dishwasher.’

“‘I wrap salmon in aluminum foil and cook it in the dishwasher.’

“‘I use the top rack for sorting mail.’

“‘I guess that survey question sort of flopped.'”

Special People Dept.

A family wishes its matriarch a happy 95th birthday, celebrated Friday, July 8. She doesn’t want her name published, but a hint is given by the family’s message to her: “Let’s keep ‘TRUYN’ for 100!”

No Coke for vous!

David Capeheart has a “waiter vs. customer” story:

“Back in 1965, I had just been transferred to France. The first night there, an acquaintance took my wife and me out for dinner.

“While ordering, my wife requested a Coca-Cola. The French waiter instantly pointed out that ‘One does not drink zee Coca Cola. One must drink zee wine for the tummy.’

“The conversation between my wife and the waiter continued for a while, and at times was quite heated.

“Unfortunately, the waiter did not realize who he was opposing. My wife got her Coke.”


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