Do tarot cards work or are they just a TikTok trend? We got our futures read to find out

Do tarot cards work or are they just a TikTok trend? We got our futures read to find out

Halloween is a time for all things spooky and scary – and what’s scarier than the future?

For a good scare, we decided that we would get our futures predicted by a psychic.

Our combined knowledge about the spiritual realm is pretty slim. Like most people, we have scrolled past the occasional tarot reading on TikTok or #WitchTok, as the kids call the spiritual side of the app. But we have no idea what a chakra is or does. We figured this made us the perfect candidates to get psychic readings.

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So, from two people who went into this completely blind, here is what it’s like to get spiritual insight into your future.

For clarity, italics indicates that Will is speaking. Our readings are separated by a page break.

The Search for a Psychic

Finding someone that can read the future is, understandably, not that easy. If you can read the future, it’s a lot easier to avoid doing work because you know when it is going to show up.

After looking online and finding multiple different websites, we started to send emails out to different psychics. None of them responded.

We then went to our last resort: calling the numbers on the websites and actually talking to someone. I let Jayden do all the talking because social interaction is scary and she’s the boss. Men used to die in wars.

All the psychics we called asked stupid questions like, “who are you” and “what do you want?” Major red flags for someone that is supposed to be psychic. You should know that. It’s like your whole thing.

After many website visits, unanswered emails and disappointing phone calls, we finally found a tarot card reader, a student at LSU, who was willing to meet with both of us for separate readings.

The Readings

Tarot card reading is not quite the same thing as being psychic. Psychics claim to predict the future using supernatural powers, while tarot card readers are just normal people that can interpret what the tarot cards are saying.

Either way, we can still get insight into our future from them.

The card reader asks questions about the person they are reading while shuffling the cards. Whatever cards fall out of the deck during the shuffle are the cards that the reader will use to read the person.

The card reader told us stories about her past readings. She said that she had been able to predict pregnancies and cheating boyfriends.

I was hoping to find out something dramatic like that I was going to die soon, or I was going to get in a car accident, but alas, the cards did not have it out for me. My reading mostly consisted of advice on future decisions.

I was told that I should focus more on creative writing than journalism, I should work at a small paper after graduating college and I should take an opportunity to leave Louisiana when it is offered to me.

I also drew a card called the “the star.” I was told this meant I might be holding onto something that I need to let go of. This card is not cool and no one likes it.

Unlike Will, I went into this process hoping that I wouldn’t get the death card in my reading. I didn’t, fortunately. My reading was mostly about what my future might look like.

The cards told me that I should also take an opportunity to move out of Louisiana and that travel or movement may be a significant part of my career. I was also told that I will end up in a “well-balanced relationship” in the future. Also, for anyone well-versed in tarot, I got five major arcana cards in my reading which the card reader said “is very rare.”

I was also extremely jealous of Will for getting the star card pulled during his reading. It is my favorite card.

Something that set my reading apart from Will’s was that she pulled oracle cards for me at the end of my reading.

“There’s a bunch of different versions of the decks of the tarot cards, but they all kind of originate off this OG tarot deck,” the card reader said, “versus oracle cards – they’re all different unique decks.”

Our card reader’s oracle deck was about self-care. I received two cards, one telling me I need to ground myself more and the other encouraging me to indulge in a sweet treat every now and then. The cards didn’t have to tell me twice. I am making Will buy me a sprinkle donut this week.

The Aftermath

Our futures, as it turns out, do not have a flair for the dramatic.

There were no mentions of impending death or unexpected pregnancy. Most people would be happy to not receive bad news from a tarot card reading. Most people are not trying to write a somewhat entertaining article about tarot card readings.

Despite the lack of drama in our respective readings, this was certainly an interesting process. We’re not really sure whether we can definitively say tarot cards “work” or not, but we suppose only time will tell.

If you’ve ever received a tarot card TikTok on your feed and thought about getting your own personal reading, it’s worth looking into at least once – maybe you’ll find out some life-altering information about yourself.

Meanwhile, I have decided that since my death was not mentioned in the tarot card reading that can only mean one thing: I will not die, at least until I receive an offer to leave Louisiana. That means I do not have to worry about being safe. 

I cannot wait for my next article where I see which building on LSU’s campus is the hardest to climb without any ropes.


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