Long Story Short: How do you nurture hope?

Long Story Short: How do you nurture hope?
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Reporter Megan Wyatt in Lafayette said that she likes to borrow a rule she learned during an improv comedy workshop: “Yes, and … “

“The rule is that any improviser should always accept what another improviser says and build on it,” Wyatt wrote. “When life throws a curveball my way or my brain simply wants to give up on a difficult task, I try to embrace the ‘Yes, and … ‘ rule instead of giving up and feeling hopeless. It’s a way to accept what has happened and figure out where to go from there.”

New Orleans photographer David Grunfeld said, “I live with hope. I’m a glass half-full person.”

Grunfeld said that for him, hopefulness is a choice.

“I choose to see the bright side of life even during trying times. There is so much pressure on us at work and in society with daily deadlines and a divided country,” he said. “However, I always remind myself that I have such a privilege being a full-time photojournalist in one of the most visual and cultural places in the world. In the Jewish tradition, I have learned that I must remain hopeful to do my part to help myself, family, friends and community so we can all make ourselves and our communities better and stronger.”

Grunfeld said he believes that kindness, caring and empathy go a long way.

“I’ve been accused of being delightfully hopeful,” he said. “I’ll take that for sure.”

Senior editor Jennifer Brown, in Baton Rouge, said she thinks of nurturing hope being tied to smiling at a random person.

“Maybe that one small smile or ‘Hi’ from a stranger is enough to keep someone going for a little while longer,” Brown wrote. “And, like that smile, being hopeful around other people can be encouraging for someone else, just to keep them going. You project it and you can watch it grow.”

Longtime columnist, Smiley Anders, said, “All it takes to get me out of the blahs is the sight of a small child with a new toy or a beloved pet.  “

Acadiana Advocate managing editor Kristin Askelson said that she is not a positive or hopeful person by nature.


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