On the meaning of home and belonging

On the meaning of home and belonging
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Or they don’t.

Space for our stories

“Next, it involves making space for our stories, which we share through our belongings,” he said.

At this point, my eyes must have been making little pinwheels, because the publicist who had coordinated the zoom call for the three of us, said: “He speaks in fortune cookie.”

“The fundamental question,” he continued, “is how do you make space for what belongs? When you ask that societal question, you open up the deeper feeling of belonging and the important emotions you feel with your belongings. These are the treasures of your life.”

Here I thought I gave the concept of home a lot of contemplation. This guy makes me feel like I’m in the kiddie pool, while he’s on the Olympic swim team.

“We don’t define ourselves as a brand about organization and storage,” he says, referring to California Closets, where he’s played a leading role since 1994, “but rather as helping customer increase their feeling of belonging.”

Well, when you put it that way.

Here’s how…

So just how can we create that longed-for feeling of greater belonging at home? Here’s how, according to Leaman:

• Honor the rituals of self-care. Everyone has small daily rituals, such as making the bed, brewing coffee or tea in the morning, walking the dog, getting the kids to school or to bed. “You can’t live an ideal life if you’re not connected to your rhythms,” Leaman says. “It’s these little habits that make a home home.”

• Practice gratitude. Leaman and I have both gone through divorces and know the foundation-shaking loss that comes with that, as well as the subsequent appreciation for having another chance. The deep gratitude I know I feel for my life and home today, he correctly points out, comes from humility.

• Make sense. Beauty and order in a home lie in the way it makes sense to you, said Leaman, who finds beauty in the relationship of objects. Why did you place this here, next to this? he wonders. “I put my dog-treat jar next to the tea kettle,” he said, “because, when I’m making hot tea, a treat for me, as I stand there, I give the dogs a treat for them. That’s intentional. It makes sense to me.”


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