Rev Rank: ‘Outer Banks’ season three is ‘better than mediocre, but not by much’

Rev Rank: 'Outer Banks' season three is 'better than mediocre, but not by much'
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“Outer Banks” season three had mixed receptions from audiences, and it’s not hard to see why. I’m in the same boat: I enjoyed it while simultaneously finding it annoying at every turn.

With multiple plots that felt contrived and unnecessary romantic conflicts, it didn’t quite live up to the hype of the first two seasons.

The treasure hunt aspect of the show was just as fun and outlandish as it has always been, but some of the choices made outside of it left a lot to be desired. 

The main reason this season was not as immersive as the former was the lack of time actually spent in the “Outer Banks.” The season started slowly because the characters are still deserted on the island they find in the season two finale. Some are happier about this than others, but it takes too long to get back on track even when they leave the island. 

One of the more common negative opinions of “Outer Banks” is the repetitiveness of the plot. There will be multiple instances per season where the pogues, a word used in the show for the working class people, do all of the work to find a clue that will lead them closer to the treasure, only for someone richer and more powerful to steal it from them. While realistic, watching the characters we root for constantly reach a setback is frustrating.

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Even more frustrating, the pogues can be so stupid and reckless that your anxiety increases as you watch them make decisions. 

There was also the return of John B’s dad, which was an unpopular addition to the newest season. When it was revealed that he was alive in the season two finale, I had high hopes for his return, but he took up too much screen time when you consider the lack of payoff we get with his character. Sometimes, it felt like his only purpose was to drive a wedge between John B and Sarah.

John B and Sarah, my favorite couple in the show, had their bumpiest season yet as a couple. While their relationship has never been simple due to the history between their dads, this season was the first time we ever saw them turn on each other.

While I didn’t like a certain aspect of the conflict between them, I also can see the reasoning behind its inclusion.

The good news, though, is that despite all of this, they’re still my favorite couple in the show. 

Speaking of romance, the execution of JJ and Kiara was laughable, even for those who were rooting for them. This might have to do with the fact that the actors have a rumored awkward dynamic in real life. The line delivery was questionable, and the kiss was lacking. 

Cleo and Pope were my favorite new ship in the season. They were hinted at in the last season, but they were even more enjoyable with more screen time. It may also be favoritism because Pope is my second favorite pogue after Sarah.

Speaking of the Camerons, there was a lack of consideration for Rose and Wheezie. Rafe and Ward are constantly whining on the screen, but the two female Camerons that aren’t Sarah are so underutilized it’s starting to be insulting. 

The strongest part of the season is the last few episodes, with South America and El Dorado as the main focus. Our favorite found family, the pogues, are finally all in the same place at the same time. It’s a miracle.

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If anything, this season just makes me excited for a fourth one after the strong ending. It came out of  left field and I won’t be satisfied until I have more information. Still, I had to sit through the slow start to get to this point.

All in all, this season was better than mediocre, but not by much.


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