Smiley: He majored in child psychology

Smiley: He majored in child psychology
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Dear Smiley: Some think young people are lazy and don’t want to work, and that’s why we see so many “Help Wanted” signs.

I disagree. Youngsters are willing to work. You just have to use a little trickery to get them started.

Adrian, my 3-year-old grandson, vacuums my house when he comes to visit. I gave him a Dust Buster hand-held vacuum and told him it was a toy. It takes him about 30 minutes to vacuum the dining room and the kitchen.

When Adrian gets a little older, I’m going to introduce him to my lawn mower. I’ll tell him that’s a toy, too.


Baton Rouge

Back-seat memories

Dear Smiley: This was my one and only time at a drive-in. The movie was “Marjorie Morningstar” featuring Natalie Wood.

I was about 5 when my parents put me in pajamas, chucked me in the back seat and announced we would see a movie from the car. I was very excited.

When dusk fell, the screen lit up with cartoons and ads about the goodies at the snack counter.

As darkness fell, the movie began. I remember the opening credits … and nothing else. I fell asleep in the cushy seats of the “land yacht” car, common in that era. I think it even had running boards.

Next thing I remember is my mother waking me up, telling me to go to bed. Not only did I sleep through the movie, but also the drive home.

From the title of this opus, I’ll bet you thought it would be juicy!



No holiday for you!

Dear Smiley: I celebrated the Fourth of July by dressing up as Uncle Sam and hiking on a nearby trail.

As I passed a couple on a bench, I wished them “Happy Fourth of July!”

“We don’t celebrate the Fourth of July where we’re from,” the man replied.

“Oh, where is that?” I inquired.

“England,” he responded, in a somewhat irritated tone!

“Oops! Sorry about that!”


Blairsville, Georgia


Dear Smiley: It has been way too hot this early in the summer. I got into Ralph’s car and thought it was 106 outside until I realized that was the distance till his gas tank was empty. It was really only 98.


Baton Rouge

Don’s advice

Dear Smiley: My father, a don at Oxford, never gave me any advice on alcohol or women, but his key points were:

1: Always keep in with the secretaries. If anyone knows what is going on, they do.

2: Take care to not dismiss old folk. They know more and have more experience than you.

3: Never get to know your enemy. You may find you like them.

4: If you are chairing a committee, make sure to ask the obvious questions, as the committee members can be counted upon to ask the clever questions. They can’t be depended upon to ask the obvious questions.

He told me that his students regularly asked him what to do when they left the university. He told them that the future was uncertain, so they should do what seemed best at the time. Sound advice.


Professor Emeritus


Faux French

Dear Smiley: Just one more observation on final “O:”

Jelleaux shots? Really?



Faux French deux

Dear Smiley: Geaux. It isn’t about spelling. It isn’t about grammar. It’s about an attitude. It’s about a way of life. It’s about a culture.

Geaux Tigers!



Bottom line

Dear Smiley: Maybe some MDs will give you a better answer, but in response to that Thursday question from Chuck Falcon, about the requirement of IDs for prostate exams or colonoscopies:

I remember going to the proctologist and him asking me my name. He said, “Oh yes, you are a patient. My apologies, I never remember faces.”

Could be why they require that ID.




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