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A moving tale from the ’80s by “C.J.D.,” of Lafayette:

“I was moving, and my best friend, Ardell, had a pickup truck. We loaded the bed of the truck with my belongings, putting the chest of drawers in first. I left everything in it.

“We took off, me driving the truck and Ardell following in my car. When I took off from a traffic light, I didn’t pay attention to her.

“I got to my new location, and she arrived about 40 minutes later, exasperated.

“When I took off from the light, the top drawer of the chest went flying out of the truck. Panties and bras and a broken drawer were all over the intersection. Dodging traffic, she managed to gather everything.

“We had a good laugh. Was glad I wasn’t there to experience the embarrassment.”      


After mention of Flit spray insecticide, I got this note from Vicki Rodick Frame, of Kenner:

“I often wonder why anyone from my generation is still alive.

“As children we lived in Kenner without air conditioning, but lots of mosquitoes. Mom would stand at our bedroom doors after we were in bed at night and spray the rooms with ‘Gulf Spray,’ in a pump-type container to kill the mosquitoes.

“We would cover our faces with the sheets until the spray settled. I feel very confident it contained DDT or something equally dangerous.

“Why we all survived I’ll never know!”

Survivor, but…

Bill Huey, of Baton Rouge, adds: “Ah, the old Flit gun! My father was a big user nearly every night during the summer. I still believe that is why I can’t do higher math.”

Cool attendant!

Monica K. Murphy says, “My husband was accosted at a gas station years ago. He aimed the nozzle at the perp and took a lighter from his pocket.

“The situation was diffused when the attendant said on the intercom, ‘You’ll need to pay for that gas first, sir.’”

Little Wonder Woman

Kirk Guidry, of Baton Rouge, responds to our Saturday story about motivating kids to do housework:

“I too used trickery to get our daughter to pick up her toys.

“When she was little, ‘Wonder Woman’ was big on TV. When it was time to clean up we would reach in our jar of S&H Green Stamps (remember those?) and stick some on her forehead.

“She would spin around three times, turn into Wonder Woman and pick up her toys. To this day she has an immaculate, clean house — without the stamps.”

I’m hoping we can drop this subject, but guys keep sending me stories about medical procedures involving disturbingly personal invasive activities.

Here’s the latest, from Frank Fronczek, of Baton Rouge: 

“When I went for my first prostate exam, I was told by the doctor, who had some years before been one of my chemistry students at LSU, that it would be a ‘digital exam.’

“I inquired if that meant it would be done by a computer.

“‘No,’ he assured me while theatrically snapping on rubber gloves, ‘it won’t.’

“It wasn’t.”


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