Smiley: Loving Tigers’ happy return to Omaha

Smiley: Loving Tigers' happy return to Omaha
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LSU’s in the College World Series; all’s right with the world.

Faye Guidry tells of Tiger Love in Nebraska:

“We’re in our RV en route to our fifth College World Series. Just read The Advocate’s Thursday editorial about Omaha residents missing LSU. Yes, they love our Tigers.

“Last time we were there we overheard an interesting conversation:

“’Sorry, we don’t cash out-of-town checks.’

“‘You just cashed the check of the fella in front of me.’

“’He’s from LSU; he’ll be back!’

“Everywhere we go in Omaha, we’re greeted with a smile; many say, ‘Welcome back!'”

Tanks for the memory

Bobby Depew of Prairieville, says in the 1960s, while he was working at the Billy Cannon Phillips 66 station on Prescott Road in north Baton Rouge, “A customer pulled in and said, ‘Give me 5.’

“I put in $5 of gas. When I went to collect, he gave me $1 and some change (gas was about 28 cents per gallon back then).

“When I told him I put in $5 worth, he almost had a heart attack.

“We worked it out, and he went to get the money. He said he would not have to put gas in his car for a month.”

That’s entertainment!

Nancy Van Den Akker, of New Orleans, says, “I have vague memories of a drive-in movie theater, either in Illinois or New Orleans, where I think my dad was working at the snack stand (a second job).

“There were pony rides and other amusements before the film. I also have flashes of the movie being ‘Annie Get Your Gun.'”

Why math?

Herbert A. Landry Jr., of Slidell, says, “I read with interest your mentions of math.

“At Loyola University, I was in a math class studying algebra or some other form of complicated numbers.

“One day I asked the professor, ‘How can knowing this ever help me in life?’

“The good professor replied, ‘Well, son, if you ever get thrown in prison, math is a good way to while away the time.'”  

Initial reaction

Our license plate stories so far have been about clever uses of letters and numbers to send a message.

But Donald Landaiche, of Donaldsonville, says random letters can also make a statement:

“I couldn’t resist mentioning the last two plates for my last two cars. The first had the letters LZY, and the second had the letters DZY.

“I wonder if somebody is trying to tell me something.”    

French 101

Ronnie Stutes, of Baton Rouge, says, “This silliness of changing every English word ending with an ‘O’ sound to ‘-eaux’ has begun to spread.

“Regarding a Wednesday story, the Citroen 2CV was known as the ‘Deux Chevaux,’ not the ‘Deaux Cheveau.'”

Special People Dept.

— Joan VanGeffen, of New Orleans, celebrates her 91st birthday Sunday, June 18. She is a native of Chicago. A platinum life master in bridge, she plays online every day.

— Tom and Eva Jones, of Zachary, celebrate their 63rd anniversary Sunday, June 18. They are “still making beautiful music and memories together since first meeting in New Orleans’ Fortier High School band.”

— Art and Mary Abshire Ordoyne, of Denham Springs, celebrated their 60th anniversary Thursday, June 15. He is from Chackbay, she is from Baton Rouge.

— Skip and Karen Harrison, of Mandeville, will be married 50 years Friday, June 16, an event they will celebrate Saturday, June 17.

Dancer’s prayer

John Thibodeaux says, “I love to dance, and the older I get I have had to resort to prayer to keep dancing:

“May your potholes be shallow. May your hurricanes be mild. May the clouds protect your face from the heat of the sun. May there be plenty of rain falling softly on your sugarcane fields. And until we meet to dance again, may God keep all your joints working.”


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