Smiley: Mystery steak and other meaty tales

Smiley: Mystery steak and other meaty tales

It seems many of you have memorable stories about steaks. For instance:

B.J. Gouedy, of Hammond, says, “My husband, Jesse, had steaks all seasoned and laid out in kitchen, while we relaxed in the den watching football.

“In walks my son Joel’s redbone hound, Amos. Hanging from his big old tooth was a steak. He was so happy, and wanted us to see what he found.

“My husband just washed the steak and mixed it in with all the others. No one knows who ate that steak!”

Speaking of steaks

— Thom Lieb, of Covington, says, “Asked how she wanted her steak cooked, my friend Kathy from southern California always said, ‘Light a match…in the other room.'”

— John LaCarna, of Baton Rouge, comments on stories about steak-cooking preferences:

“Folks who tell other folks how to order their steaks done need to replay the old Hank Williams song, ‘Mind your own business an’ you won’t be mindin’ mine.'”

— Herbert A. Landry Jr., of Slidell, says, “I was working offshore as a safety man when one night I was informed about a very sick roustabout.

“He was in a fetal position in his bunk, moaning and groaning, complaining of intense abdominal pain.

“I asked what he had eaten. He said, ‘Steak, like the rest of the crew.’

“Puzzled, I asked, ‘How many steaks did you eat?’

“He said, ‘Six.’

“I had my topic for my next safety meeting: Never overdose on steak.”

No respect!

Jacob Scardina has another “smart-aleck kids” story:

“Many years ago I was enjoying a day of fishing with my son and grandson.

“We had tied one of my artificial baits onto a spin cast rig for the little guy. He cast it on the bank, on top of boat houses, etc., and we would go get it.

“Then he threw it up into a tree. His dad was fussing at him about losing Gramp’s bait when he gave a jerk and out it came.

“He looked at his dad and said, ‘That takes special knowledge — and you don’t have it!'”

Childspeak revisited 

Algie Petrere, of Central, says “Stories about misused words brought a memory of my grandson, Marvin, now 21. When he was about 3, his mother Melanie, ‘counting to three’ while disciplining him, counted, ‘One, two, two and a half, two and three quarters…’

“A few days later, when Melanie was admonishing his big brother, Marvin chimed in with, ‘I’m counting; one, two, two and three turtles!’

“It became a favorite family expression.”

Moonshine music

Norm Laskay, of New Orleans, is surprised that during our discussion of booze no one mentioned the song by Jimmy Driftwood about a guy courting a moonshiner’s daughter: “I Remember Her Still.”  

Special People Dept.

— Cyril Nelson, of Metairie, celebrated his 101st birthday Monday, July 25. He has been a member of Elks Lodge No. 30 for over 50 years; the lodge held a party in his honor. He is a World War II Army Air Corps veteran. He was grand marshal of the Elks Krewe of Jeffersonians Mardi Gras parade.

— Syble Cashe, of Bayou Paul Road in St. Gabriel, celebrated her 92nd birthday July 6.

— Calvin Bajon, of Baton Rouge, celebrated his 92nd birthday July 15.

— Bessie Leonard, of Marrero, celebrated her 91st birthday July 6.

— Nancy and Barry Campeaux, of Hammond, celebrate their 59th anniversary Wednesday, July 27. They were River Ridge residents for many years.

— Gayle and Sidney Allison, of Baton Rouge, celebrated their 59th anniversary July 19.

— S.L. and Connie Babin, of Gonzales, celebrated their 58th anniversary July 18.

No laughing matter

Rick Marshall, of Baton Rouge, says, “When I picked up a prescription the other day the pharmacist asked, ‘When’s your birthday?’

“I replied, ‘September 4th.’

“He asked, ‘What year?’

“I replied, ‘Every year.’

“Apparently pharmacists have no sense of humor.”


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