Smiley: The milkman meets a neurotic parrot

Smiley: The milkman meets a neurotic parrot
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“I was reading your column,” says Jennifer Grand Shuffler, “and for some strange reason, I was reminded of your milkman stories a while back.

“My grandfather, Bill Bacot, was a milkman for Louisiana Creamery. He told us great stories of those days. This was always my favorite.

“One family on his route had a pet parrot. When my grandfather dropped off their milk, he would tell the parrot, ‘You can’t whistle.’

“My grandfather said the parrot would start screaming, ‘I can TOO whistle!’

“He said he could hear that parrot whistling and screaming, ‘I can TOO whistle!’ over and over for the rest of the morning, blocks away.

“He really enjoyed ruffling the feathers of that bird!”

Pace of a city

An “only in New Orleans” story from Bill Huey, of Baton Rouge:

“When I lived in New Orleans I shopped occasionally at Langenstein’s, Uptown’s tony commissary on Arabella Street.

“I was moseying down an aisle one day when an Uptown matron addressed a fellow stocking the shelves.

“‘Where are the Brillo pads?’ she asked.

“‘Right over there, ma’am,’ he responded politely.

“‘Weren’t they right here before?’ she said, pointing downward.

“‘Yes, ma’am; we moved them.’

“‘When was that?’

“‘About two years ago.’

“NOTHING ever changes in New Orleans. And they like it that way.”

Selsun Blue Blues

Stories of hitchhiking years ago reminded Keith Horcasitas, of Baton Rouge, of this adventure:

“My best friend, Scott Vincent, and I took a post-high school trip, hitchhiking to Disney World in the late ’70s.

“I brought my guitar, and we had fun at the Magic Kingdom pretending to be blues singers for Selsun Blue medicated shampoo.”

The Disney folks weren’t amused at the two buskers, and they “spent a while in the Disney underworld, a whole network of underground space” where shoplifters and other offenders were interrogated.

Keith adds, “Eventually we were let go after they realized we meant no harm. We told them we did that by Jackson Square in the French Quarter, but I still wasn’t able to get my guitar back until we left for home!”

Wise editor

I just took a look at our new website,, and liked the look: lots of stories that relate to north Louisiana and all of Louisiana.

It reminds me of a personal experience.

In the early ’60s, right out of LSU, I married a Shreveport girl and got a job as oil and gas editor of The Shreveport Times. At 22, I had a specialized beat, with a whole page and a column on Sundays. Cool…

The Times was a tightly edited paper, and I learned a great deal in the two years I was there. I also had a ton of fun.

But the birth of our daughter meant money was tight, so when I was offered a public relations spot with the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce I took it.

Al Hewitt, the Times managing editor, told me this before I left: “You won’t stay in PR. You’re not a PR guy; you’re a newspaper guy.”

He was right…

Special People Dept.

Gayle and Sidney Allison, of Baton Rouge, celebrated 60 years of marriage Wednesday, July 19.

Getting dramatic

Robert Lipe, of Prairieville, addresses the current warfare between the Democrats and Republicans in Congress:

“I believe that the current political scene would be better served if we changed the name of the two parties to ‘Montagues’ and ‘Capulets.’

“I get tired of the current names; why not spice them up with names from the Bard?”

Which brings up the question, “Are we ready for sword fights on Capitol Hill?”

Former friend

An “invasive procedure” story from Mariano Hinojosa, of Baton Rouge:

“At the final stage of my Army pre-induction physical examination, the doctor snapped on a rubber glove and said, ‘This is where we cease to be friends.'”


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