What started as FunkyUncle webcast may grow into a $160 million Louisiana music museum

What started as FunkyUncle webcast may grow into a $160 million Louisiana music museum
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Initial meetings with a range of stakeholders began in October 2021, followed by another in December. “We started the conversation on whether want to do this, what should it look like, how should it develop,” Beary said.

Following an overwhelmingly positive response, an economic survey was carried out by Massachusetts-based ConsultEcon. Its results were encouraging, predicting 712,000 visitors per year, $45 million in sales, 234 full-time employees at average pay of $60,000 plus benefits, and $150 million of indirect economic impact to the state.

“Based on the analysis in this report, the Louisiana Music and Heritage Experience will operate successfully over time,” the report’s writers concluded.

To cover the cost, backers are asking the state Legislature for a $75 million outlay during the legislative session, with the rest coming in the form of tax increment financing through local bodies and private backers. It’s a lot, but Beary said they’ve already had a variety of (currently nonbinding) commitments from people and organizations willing to cover it. Other major music museums, he points out, have also been funded in major part by state funding.

The staircase of the proposed Louisiana Music and Heritage Experience museum.

The economics, understandably, are crucial.

“A large part of this is an economic development story as well as a social justice and community story,” Beary said. “Everybody understands the need for us to have this, not just culturally, but economically. If you think about it, it costs $160 million to build and it contributes $150 million every year economically to the city and state as a whole. It’ll pay for itself over and over again, year after year.”

The planned location of the museum is across the street from the Ernest Morial New Orleans Convention Center. Curated by Santelli, it’ll be accessible and interactive, with a variety of innovative aspects including live bands playing in the exhibit space. It will host a range of exhibits covering music from around the state. It will also serve as an educational resource, with employees creating age-specific lesson plans, and worksheets and books for Louisiana teachers.


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