California adopts country’s strictest law to curb police killings

California adopts country's strictest law to curb police killings

California has recently brought into effect the strictest United States law which limits the way the police officials can use any deadly force. Starting 1st January, the law enforcers based in the state shall only be given a scope to use deadly force if there is a presence of any imminent threat which might lead to death or any serious physical injury.

On Monday, the California based governor, Gavin Newsom, signed this legislation surrounded by the families holding pictures of their loved ones that were killed by the police all throughout the California state.

In his statement, Newsom mentioned that the moves taken by California will motive the entire United States. The state is doing something which will stretch the boundary for possibilities. The bill was signed into a law by Newsom, the very same day when the NYC fired an alleged officer who was involved in death of an unarmed Eric Garner, who was an African American resident killed by the police in 2014 at Staten Island.

This legislation was actually inspired by police shootings in the year 2018 for Stephon Clark, who was an unarmed father of black ethnicity. Clark was killed by the police when he was in the backyard of his grandparent’s house in Sacramento. The incident stated when the officers mistook a cellphone he owned for gun.

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