Online petition gaining signatures in response to Gadsden tethering law

Online petition gaining signatures in response to Gadsden tethering law
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An online petition aims to amend a recent tethering law passed in Gadsden.

The petition states the law unfairly targets families who can’t afford a fence.

It also states that families that choose to not let their dogs inside their homes aren’t left with many options.

The group behind the petition wants the city consider making changes that wouldn’t punish responsible dog owners who tether their pets.

The petition mentions that some people will be forced to either give their pets away or face the constant threat of being fined.

They argue that if the pet is healthy, has adequate food, water, and shelter, that should be enough.

“I think the law should outline some things along the lines of proper care for a dog that is tethered,” Cornell Rogers, a Gadsden resident and co-organizer of the petition said. “A dog has to have so much feet to move and to do things that it needs to do. The leash on a dog can’t be too tight. The dog has to generally appear healthy and taken care of.”

Rogers is a pet owner himself and chooses to tether his animal.

A spokesperson for the city of Gadsden said there was an overwhelming amount of support from those in favor of the tethering law at city council meetings.

The city passed the law in late January. It came with a 60 grace period.

The group behind the petition plans to present the petition to the city council when it has reached a certain number of signatures.

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