7 tips on how to be happier at work

7 tips on how to be happier at work
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BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – One study reveals that during the fall of 2021, 32.5 percent of adults in Louisiana reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder.

Sometimes, depression can have a negative impact on a person’s outlook of work and affect their performance on the job.

According to the Center for Workplace Mental Health, “Depression, left untreated, may have a significant impact on work performance . It contributes to presenteeism, or employees at work but not engaged, and absenteeism, or employees missing days of work.”

The article continues, “It may also adversely impact multiple areas of employee performance, including focus and decision making, time management, completing physical tasks, social interactions, and communication. Like most other health conditions, early detection and effective treatment lessen the severity and impact of the condition.”

Working with a physician can be helpful in addressing the symptoms of clinical depression.

But suppose a person’s negative outlook of their job doesn’t appear to be linked to clinical depression?

The following suggestions listed below, sourced from The Muse and other experts on the topic, may be useful.

  • If possible, take a few minutes to exercise before your 9-5
  • Take an occasional 15-minute break from work to doodle, work on a puzzle, or take a walk.
  • If you’re able to listen to music at work, create an upbeat ‘Music for Work’ playlist
  • Try to increase your overall state of happiness by learning not to depend too heavily on validation from other people, including employers
  • Snack on foods that boost your mood, such as whole grains, avocado, healthy smoothies, and Greek yogurt with honey
  • Drink plenty of water to fight off headaches and sluggishness
  • Every day, do something kind for a coworker. Studies show that when a person helps others, their happiness gets a boost.

Hopefully, those who apply one or more of the suggestions above will enjoy a more positive outlook on work.


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