A true ‘swampateer”/Bud Oliver celebrates his 100th birthday

A true 'swampateer"/Bud Oliver celebrates his 100th birthday
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Before “Bud” Oliver was among the smallest football players at Baton Rouge High, and before he was a husband, a World War II veteran and a father, he was a “swampateer.”

Somewhere in the DNA of this 100-year-old Baton Rougean – he and his family and friends celebrated that milestone this weekend – some researcher is going to find some Atchafalaya Basin swamp water in his veins.

Even though he hasn’t been in a duck blind in 10 years – and what avid duck hunter would wish to hunt until he or she was 90 – he remembers those days and, last week, painted a picture of his most memorable day in his beloved Atchafalaya Swamp.

“It’s all there,” Oliver said glancing to a duck-call lanyard adorned with “duck jewelry,” a string of leg bands taken from the wild waterfowl he’s taken in more than 70 hunting years.

“Took three banded mallards one morning, and all three were banded in different areas,” he said. “My son-in-law, Chet Thompson, was with me. What a hunt! Never heard of anyone doing that.

“We hunted from a camp I built, a one-room place, in Sawyer’s Cove, and hunted from a pirogue I built. That’s what you had to do if you loved to hunt and fish like I did,” he said.

Oliver’s home in filled with memories. His wife’s photo holds a place of honor among the mementoes of his hunting and fishing treasures.

He talked about seeing Shirley walking across Fifth Street one day, and asking her for a date, a day that turned into a marriage shortly after he was drafted. He talked about playing for Butch Helveston at Baton Rouge High, and how none of the near 40 players, save him, in his 1940 team photo were still living. Oh, an that 12-7 loss to Catholic High at Tiger Stadium on Thanksgiving Day.

He talked about his three U.S. Army years, the invasion of the Philippines, his post-war occupation duty in Japan, his return home to Shirley and beginning their family, and, with a certain sadness in his voice, their 75 years together before Shirley passes three years ago.


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