CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Family followed home, almost carjacked in Louisiana

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Family followed home, almost carjacked in Louisiana
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METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — An attempted carjacking happened on Friday night on the 200 block of Sena Drive around 11:15 p.m. and has had neighbors shaken up since.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office officials say two male suspects with guns confronted two victims and demanded their vehicle and the victim’s purse.

Larry Merington lives just across the street, on the 200 block of Sena Drive. He witnessed his neighbors almost get carjacked, after they were being followed after returning home from babysitting.

“Guys with guns getting out of the car, and then I saw them head to my neighbors,” he explained.

Merington said he called 911 and then yelled at the suspects, telling them that he called 911.

The suspects couldn’t figure out how to start the car so they weren’t able to steal it, but they were able to get away with the victim’s purse after getting into another vehicle and fleeing the scene.

FULL VIDEO: Attempted carjacking in Old Metairie

Video courtesy: Lary Merington

“A lot of these modern cars have interlocks, so if you open a door the car automatically goes into park, so they couldn’t figure that out,” he said.

Merington went on to say, “How did it make me feel? Well, it made me feel angry that we have this kind of crime.”

Other neighbors on this block, like Nick Colombo, are stunned that this happened.

“We have a strong police presence and it is a tight-knit community,” Colombo said.

He said this attempted carjacking has them all on edge.

“Watch your rear view mirrors and make sure you are not being followed. If you are being followed then call the Sheriff’s Department or 911. 911 is your friend,” Colombo said.

The investigation is ongoing.


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