Daughter of EBR deputy killed in summer of 2016 raising money to donate bullet proof vests to officers

Daughter of EBR deputy killed in summer of 2016 raising money to donate bullet proof vests to officers
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BATON ROUGE – The summer of 2016 is hard to forget for many Baton Rouge residents. Many people in the city lost their homes, some lost family members and loved ones. 

“It’s kind of like a wave of like emotions,” said Braley Garafola, daughter of fallen deputy Brad Garafola. “Whether I’m mad or upset, it always brings back everything to that day.”

On July 17, 2016, six officers were shot in the line of duty when a lone gunman opened fire at a car wash. Four were killed. BRPD officers Montrell Jackson, Matthew Gerald, and deputy Brad Garafola died that day. Deputy Nick Tullier recently died from his injuries in 2022. 

“When everything happened, I was so angry. I was mainly angry at God because I was like, why? Why me, why, why him? Why do this,” Braley said.

Braley was 15 when her father was killed. Though it’s been hard, she says she pushes through for her family.

“We just do everything, you know, as much together as a family as possible.”

In 2019, Braley started raising money to donate bullet proof vests to officers in the surrounding areas.

“When I heard about Angel Armor and the vests, I was in shock. I’ve seen like firsthand, the vest being shot at with different guns and seeing the outcome and it’s phenomenal,” Braley said.

So far, she’s been able to provide more than 20 vests. Each July she starts the fundraiser. This year she’s hoping to raise $4,500. Each vest cost about $1,500.

“I want them to feel secure and safe knowing that they have better protection with them every day.”

Braley says the feedback from law enforcement officers has been heartwarming.

“They love it. They have my name on one vest and it says ‘Braley’s Angels,’ and I want to say he still wears it every day and they all love it.”

Gratefulness and positivity is what helps Braley to keep going, but also believing her dad is proud of her accomplishments.

“I just hope that he’s proud of me and that he’s proud of our family. You know, with how with everything going on. I just want to make him happy.”

She also hopes to keep her father’s memory alive by helping others. 

“He was all about helping people no matter who they were. And I just want people to feel the same way. You know, I want this community to be stronger together and to not be pulled apart by all the hate in the world.”

If you’d like to donate to the Brad Garafola Vest Fund, you can visit the Facebook page here.


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