Editorial: Louisiana’s natural gas has helped to fight the war

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Louisiana’s not getting enough respect for its role in winning the war.

Take, for example, the headline in The Wall Street Journal the other day: “How Gas from Texas becomes Cooking Fuel in France.”

It’s a story with vivid photos and charts about the complex process of drilling for natural gas, chilling it to load onto tankers and sending it to Europe to meet the desperate need of our allies, who are cut off from Russian pipelines as a result of that country’s aggression against Ukraine.

American know-how beats the Russians.

It’s true, although the supply of liquefied natural gas hasn’t been 100% of the story. A milder winter and a scramble by European companies for conservation and some limited alternatives for power also helped to blunt the impact of Russia’s energy war.

But much of the credit goes to Louisiana LNG.

Uh, not that Texas isn’t part of the American energy renaissance; it is. And for most people around the country, when they think about oil and gas, Texas comes to mind.

But a lot of the gas is coming from the Haynesville Shale in north Louisiana, and the Journal story showed the dramatic industrial processes that get LNG to Europe and prominently featured Cheniere Energy’s LNG port. In Louisiana.

It’s probably fair to say that operators of major LNG facilities once expected to export much of their natural gas to Asia, including mainland China, but also to nations friendly to America like Japan and Taiwan. Those are big markets, but Europe moved to the head of the queue because of Russia’s unprovoked war and its dreadful consequences.

As bad as the latter are, they would have been much worse but for Louisiana LNG. The autocrat in the Kremlin would have been quite happy to see disgruntled Germans freezing in a hard winter, or French families being unable to prepare their fabulous meals.

The idea was to undermine support for European defiance of the Kremlin. And it hasn’t worked. Thanks in large part to Louisiana — and Texas — LNG.


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