Gonzales could bring speed cameras to school zones to slow down drivers

Gonzales could bring speed cameras to school zones to slow down drivers
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GONZALES- Gonzales Police Chief Sherman Jackson says the city has a speeding problem and is looking for ways to slow drivers down.

“Over the last several years, I have been getting complaints about speeders. It’s an ungodly amount of people going ten miles per hour over the speed limit.”

That is why he is proposing an ordinance in Gonzales to put speed cameras in school zones. Jackson says this is not a money grab, but about safety. 

“This is strictly about the safety of our kids and the safety of our community, it is not a money scheme,” Jackson said. 

He says if the plan is put into place, city leaders will give residents time to adapt to the new policy. 

Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux says he was not on board with the idea at first. He understands people not wanting to pay a fine, but says that is better than the alternative. 

“I would rather pay a ticket than actually go down the road and possibly hit someone or maim them, so it’s something that we have to look at, it’s something we have to do,” Arceneaux said.

He also says these cameras may spread into other areas in the city with prevalent accidents. 

There will be another council meeting in two weeks to put the ordinance to a vote. 


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