Hollywood strike affecting jobs for film production in Baton Rouge

Hollywood strike affecting jobs for film production in Baton Rouge
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BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — For several weeks, Hollywood union workers have been on strike, causing television production companies across the United States to come to a halt.

For the first time in 60 years, both writers’ and actors’ unions are on strike at the same time.

According to the Executive Director of Celtic Studios, Kevin O’Neil, with Hollywood out of action, it’s affecting the “Hollywood South” here in Louisiana job security.

“Productions are shutting down because you can’t shoot without actors,” said O’Neil. “It’s a Domino effect. All the crew members, on every movie, there are 250 crew people that we manage as assistant directors.”

With expiring and renewing contracts, both writers’ and actors’ unions are demanding better pay and working conditions, increased streaming residuals, and assurances that artificial intelligence will not replace them.

According to Technology Professor at Southern University, Clourth Wilson Jr. explained how A.I. technology is becoming more evolved daily. He said it can change the whole outlook of actors and actresses.

“You could put an actor’s face on someone’s body or anything like that, or put the actor in an entirely different environment,” said Wilson.

A.I. technology can potentially enhance the image and likeness of an actor, not needing to use them as much. Wilson said the technology can decrease film production costs, producing more content for streaming services.

“They may look at it like, ‘Okay, this movie may take us five years to produce, however, we use A.I. and we may produce this movie in a year,’” said Wilson.

Due to the strike, those that work at Celtic Studios need to find other jobs elsewhere. O’Neil believes they’ll be back in action by September. His focus is to work on outreach programs to get those more involved at Celtic Studios.

“Doing other things, working other jobs,” said O’Neil. “We are very creative and independent in our trade and we pride ourselves on that.”

Due to the strike, many may have noticed several re-runs on popular TV shows. The fall TV lineup will be heavy with reality TV shows and new seasons will be delayed. At this point in time, Hollywood productions on streaming services will be paused.


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