Letters: Abortion ruling has pushed fight for women’s equality back

Letters: Abortion ruling has pushed fight for women's equality back
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As a 15-year-old girl living in Louisiana, I shouldn’t fear the removal of rights that millions of women fought so hard to achieve. I have met, and will likely continue to meet, women who need an abortion for a variety of reasons.

By overturning Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court has put abortion laws in the hands of the states. Thirteen states, including Louisiana, have already begun pushing trigger laws into effect that would make access to a safe abortion extremely difficult for women in search of one. But will removing access to safe abortions end abortions?

During Prohibition, alcohol was illegal, yet anyone with the means of obtaining it could sell it regardless of age, content, etc. When the government makes access to something difficult, they have a hard time properly regulating it. This change in access to abortions will inevitably open the market to unqualified people using dangerous methods to perform the procedure.

It’s likely that this decision will lead to “back alley” abortion methods and put the lives of girls and women in danger. I’m concerned that unregulated abortions will lead to a substantial increase in the mortality rate of pregnant women.

This ruling has moved women’s fight for equality back several steps. So much of life is ahead of girls like me. I wonder if we will ever regain power over our bodies when most of the people who pushed for this decision have never experienced life from our point of view.





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