Letters: Biden’s student debt pandering fails; story left out lots pertinent facts

Letters: Biden's student debt pandering fails; story left out lots pertinent facts
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The article on “student debt” in the July 9 issue leaves out a lot of pertinent information.

First, there should have been nothing “controversial” about the overturning of the “plan” by the Supreme Court. On previous occasions, both President Joe Biden and then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that congressional action was needed to cancel student debt. All spending must originate in the House of Representatives.

Biden and his team knew that. The “plan” was nothing more than raw political pandering to debt holders.

Second, the two debt holders interviewed in the article, while hoping for relief, at least had the realistic view that they voluntarily incurred the debt and now, just like a home mortgage or a car loan, it would have to be paid back.

It’s a shame that the article’s authors did not have the time or make the effort to interview a landscaper or a welder or an electrician to see how they felt about the prospect of having to pay off a share of someone else’s student debt. That would have added needed balance to the article.

And, finally, the quote by Rep. Troy Carter, a sitting U.S. congressman, is truly egregious. This high court ruling did not put “crippling debt back on the American people.” It had never been removed. And to call the court’s ruling “cruel and un-American” is outlandish and completely inappropriate.

I urge The Advocate to strive for more balance, more facts and less emotion in the newsroom.


Baton Rouge


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