Letters: Conservatives would shun interfering in families; HB 648 ‘bigoted tyranny’

Letters: Conservatives would shun interfering in families; HB 648 'bigoted tyranny'
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I am a libertarian conservative. During my first 40 years of voting-age life, I always voted Republican because the Republican Party was the more conservative of the two major alternatives. Louisiana House Bill 648, to ban gender-affirming care for transgender minors, is an example of why I no longer do that.

A central conservative value is avoiding unwarranted interference in private lives. We have parents who want to provide their children with care consistent with that recommended by all of the major United States medical and mental health associations.

All of those associations have gone on record as opposing legislation like HB648. Passing a law saying parents cannot opt to have their children treated according to the standard of care accepted by all of the major medical and mental health professional associations in consultation with their doctors is not conservatism. It is ignorant, bigoted tyranny.

True conservatives would not be doing this. The children involved are in the charge of parents who care about them and are trying to do what’s best for them in consultation with people who know what they are doing.

The children involved are not my children. They are not the children of those supporting this law. They are their parents’ children.

Mind your own business. Leave those families alone.

And don’t call yourself a conservative if you are going to persist in this.




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