Letters: New Orleans needs better jobs, but can’t blame an opposing party for their absence

Letters: New Orleans needs better jobs, but can't blame an opposing party for their absence
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James Carville’s recent letter is a welcome, bell-ringing call to action. His move to this city in 2008 vindicated my own of years before, and like him, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Regarding denial, we must face the reality that New Orleans needs to produce better jobs, or as Carville might say, “It’s the economy stupid.”

Many here are living on “gigs” mostly tied to tourism. Fortunately for the Carvilles, they have good gigs, well-earned to be sure. Few here are as fortunate. Serious attention needs to be focused in this direction.

As for finger-pointing, one can not help but notice that every parishwide Orleans elected official is, like Carville, a proud Democrat. Unlike at the national level, it is hard to rail against Republicans for messing things up.

The above said, the Carvilles were and are a great addition to this city, far greater than most of the Hollywood characters with crash pads here. I hope we can step up to their vision.



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