Letters: No sata to show death penalty a deterrent to crime

Letters: No sata to show death penalty a deterrent to crime
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A search of your newspaper’s website shows 70 entries over more than five years about Gov. Jeff Landry’s quest to reactivate capital punishment. Once again, he is invoking some contractual relationship between the state and families of victims to bring back revenge killing. My profession demands that I use data-driven facts to inform my decision-making, and I see no reason why our state should not do the same thing in this brutal practice.

While some choose to debate capital punishment as a deterrence of future homicides, the National Academy of Sciences says the following: “Research on the deterrent effect of capital punishment is uninformative about whether capital punishment increases, decreases, or has no effect on homicide rates.” Thus, to move forward with a recommendation to restart killing those on death row is merely an emotional decision without any bona fide useful effect.

It is my belief that no person should be judged by their worst deed, you and I included, and I believe that no person is disposable. I rarely discuss my religion and faith, yet it is unavoidable, given the gravity of the proposal to allow our state to kill individuals in more ways. As a Christian, I am unaware of any portion of the New Testament that supports revenge murder, and with 84% of Louisiana adults reported as Christian, I am appalled that they are silent on this matter. It is time now for those in favor of having blood on their hands to decide how this hypocrisy squares with their Christian theology.

Our state already suffers a reputation of poor education, high poverty, high maternal-fetal mortality and now outmigration of talented and skilled workers. Let’s not add capital punishment to our list of shames, but rather do what so many of us are taught: take care of the least of thee.


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