Letters: The root cause of inflation lies in government spending

Letters: The root cause of inflation lies in government spending
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Matt Galey’s letter about Bidenomics contributing to inflation was spot on, but it left out what Paul Harvey would have called “the rest of the story.”

There is no argument that excessive and irresponsible government spending is a major cause of inflation. That said, neither political party is irresponsible enough to put the country $30 trillion in debt on its own. They must both work irresponsibly hard to do that.

With the exception of the recipients of the irresponsible spending, there is little difference between Bidenomics, Trumpononics, Obamanomics, Bushonomics, etc. Rand Paul said it best years ago: “When Democrats are in control, Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility. When Republicans are in control, there is no party of fiscal responsibility.”

I think the major reason the people in both parties dislike each other so much is they realize that looking across the aisle is a lot like looking in the mirror and they don’t like what they see.

Excessive and irresponsible government spending has become a politically approved form of vote buying. Nothing will change because a large percentage of the voting public doesn’t care, as is evidenced by the reelection rate of irresponsible politicians.

If you are looking for another major contributor to inflation, read the Sports section of The Advocate and note the amount of money being paid to athletes, coaches, and sports organizations. Think about that next time you buy a product from one of the network advertisers. Once again, nothing will change because consumers don’t care.

Change must be driven by consumers and voters. Until a large enough percentage of us have enough of what is going on and decide to do something about it, we should figure out how to enjoy what we allow.




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