Lightning rods could protect your home from thunderstorm damage

Lightning rods can protect your home from thunderstorm damage

CENTRAL – Lightning struck a home in Central during a Friday morning storm. The homeowner says there was a loud explosion, and his air-conditioning had to be repaired.

“But there is something we can do to protect our property. Lightning rods are designed to protect our homes from the catastrophe of a direct lightning hit,” WBRZ Chief Meteorologist Dr. Josh Eachus said.

Retired electrician AJ Leclerq sells lightning rods at Home Depot in Denham Springs.

“It’s solid, copper-coated, and it attracts the lightning and keeps it from going to the house,” Leclerq said.

With Louisiana as the second-most lightning-prone state in the country, more homes are at risk, like one half-million dollar home in Baton Rouge that caught fire in March during a storm. The cause remains under investigation, but firefighters suspect a lightning strike.

Leclerq says more homeowners are considering implementing the rods.

“We had a number of them coming in here and asking about them,” Leclerq said.

He says you have to have one rod on each corner of your house, and the rods must be buried underground. The four have to then be connected by thick electrical wire.

And even though you can install them yourself, Leclerq recommends calling professionals to do the work.

“By the way, these systems don’t stop the lightning from striking, just intercept the bolt from harming your home,” he said.

With more thunderstorms in the forecast, Leclerq expects to sell more of the copper-coated rods that are almost gone.


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