Louisiana in top 10 states with feral hog problem, data shows

LSU researchers get patent on bait to help control Louisiana’s feral hog pigdemic
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BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The amount of feral hogs is growing as scientists at LSU wait for the approval to test a bait that will help decrease the number of pests in the state.

In August, it was estimated there were about 1,200,000 wild hogs in Louisiana. According to a study from Captain Experiences, Louisiana is one of the states most impacted by wild hogs.

The study said that hogs’ expansion has cost about $2.5 billion in agricultural damage across the country. In Louisiana, wild hogs can cause $76 million in agriculture damage to the state annually.

The study ranked Louisiana eighth in the states with the biggest wild hog problem. The state had 613 wild hog reports, the study said. LDWF State Wildlife Veterinarian Jim LaCour told BRProud that all 64 parishes have feral hogs.

According to the study, wild hogs are most common in the southern US. Earlier this year, LSU created a lethal bait that wild pigs like to eat. It’s a chewy bait that’s golf-ball-sized and the key ingredient is sodium nitrite, which can be found in bacon. It’s harmful to pigs, but safe for deer and other wildlife, LSU said.

As of November, LSU officials are waiting to field test the bait, but need an Experimental Use Permit from the Environmental Protection Agency. LSU said they are years away from having a product in stores.

States most impacted by wild hogs, according to Captain Experiences

  1. Texas: 2,425 feral hog reports
  2. Georgia: 1,377 feral hog reports
  3. Florida: 1,193 feral hog reports
  4. Mississippi: 731 feral hog reports
  5. Oklahoma: 665 feral hog reports
  6. Arkansas: 657 feral hog reports
  7. North Carolina: 655 feral hog reports
  8. Louisiana: 613 feral hog reports
  9. Alabama: 590 feral hog reports
  10. California: 563 feral hog reports

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