Our Views: One Acadiana offers a discussion of how to build stronger towns in Louisiana

Our Views: One Acadiana offers a discussion of how to build stronger towns in Louisiana

A staggering two-thirds of Americans in a recent poll said that the country is on the wrong track — and the survey is not an outlier.

There’s discontent everywhere, but giant and distant actors in our economy and society are out of our control. We can hardly talk sense to the Kremlin, or kick Congress in the pants to get something done instead of mud wrestle.

What can we do?

Acadiana leaders will hear from one of the leaders of the movement to start local with change in this country when Chuck Marohn, founder of Strong Towns, talks at CivicCon Acadiana on Thursday.

It’s a time to talk about the big questions facing Acadiana, and indeed much of Louisiana: How to build stronger towns, literally, in the sense of both physical environments and the structure of community and civility? Instead of looking back on what many of us see as an idealized past, what is a future that deals with the realities of declining smaller cities and towns?

From climate change that is walloping our hurricane coast to evolving approaches to transportation and planning, to the economic realities of places that aren’t Silicon Valley, Marohn is connected with innovations in many other communities. But ours may be a region more direly in need of ideas right now than most.

The talk is at the Acadiana Center for the Arts on Thursday at 5:30 p.m., sponsored by LHC Group and William C. Schumacher Family Foundation.

It’s timely, probably on multiple levels of interest in the challenges facing Acadiana.


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