The touching story of LSU freshman Da’Shawn Womack and his family’s move to Baton Rouge

The touching story of LSU freshman Da’Shawn Womack and his family's move to Baton Rouge
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“Da’Shawn took over the house,” Coco said. “I didn’t want to do it, but we had to survive. He was like, ‘Mom, don’t worry. I got it.’ ”

Freshman LSU edge rusher Da’Shawn Womack (middle, tallest) and his family are close. His mother Coco (middle), brother Dayona (center) and sister Dayonna (right) moved with him to Baton Rouge. They’re pictured with their half-brother.

As much resolve as he showed, his mom could tell when something bothered him. Da’Shawn bottles his emotions, and she knew grief was affecting him during his junior year. His cousin had been murdered, and other relatives had passed away from natural causes. Then, on Feb. 2, 2022, teammate Lamar Patterson died in a car crash on the way to school.

They had visited Penn State together the weekend before.

Coco noticed signs of depression. She worried about Da’Shawn sliding down a dark path.

“I thought I was losing my son,” Coco said.

He tried to project strength, but a mother knows. She comforted him, telling Da’Shawn he couldn’t question God about why certain things happen. She added: “You don’t have to always be the big man of the house. Mommy got you.”

Most of all, Coco credited Dorsey for helping her son get through the pain. Dorsey guided Da’Shawn and constantly talked to him, providing a present male role model. She called Dorsey so much that she apologized to his wife when they finally met.

“He took in so much at such a young age, and sometimes people break from that,” Coco said. “But certain things (are) meant for certain people. You know they say God only give his baddest to his strongest people. He’s strong.”

‘He didn’t want to leave us’

After Da’Shawn committed last summer, Coco prepared to move their family and talked to his siblings about the change. Her 14-year-old daughter, Dayonna, worried about leaving behind friends, but she came around. Dayon, 11, idolizes his older brother and just wanted to be near him.

“He didn’t want to leave us back there and not be able to help me with them,” Coco said. “I know my child, and I know his brain, and his mind wouldn’t have been where it needed to be if we were still back there.”


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