Norfolk sues Virginia over law on statues

Norfolk sues Virginia over law on statues

The Norfolk city located in the state of Virginia is now claiming in the latest lawsuit that the rights of free speech in the city are being violated. This is because the state law prohibits it from removing a confederate monument located in downtown which is 80-foot tall.

This lawsuit by Norfolk employs a novel & untested strategy in court to remove any Confederate monument. The prime legal question to be asked in this particular case is if the cities actually have any rights to free speech.

On Monday, a suit was filed by the city in the U.S. District Court of Norfolk. It targets a specific Virginia law which prevents removal of the war memorials. This suit claims the infringement of 1st Amendment as the city is now being obligated to protect that message which isn’t being supported by it any longer.

Norfolk owns this monument which represented the image of the Confederate soldier who went by the nickname Johnny Reb along with the seal from former Confederacy. The council members had voted in the year 2017 for removal of this monument to the local cemetery. The monument was built in the year 1907 and similar ones were erected all throughout the cities of Southern U.S.

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