Alexis Morris evolves past youthful mistakes in her second chance with Kim Mulkey at LSU

Alexis Morris evolves past youthful mistakes in her second chance with Kim Mulkey at LSU
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“I’m definitely misunderstood. I’ve been misunderstood for a long time. Especially since the incident that took place at Baylor,” Morris said. “If that’s who I was, I wouldn’t be here today. If I was that person, it (that behavior) wouldn’t have stopped. I made two young mistakes.”

Those mistakes were getting arrested by Texas State University police in San Marcos in September 2018 after assaulting another woman inside a dormitory hall. She was dismissed from the Baylor team two days later. She was then arrested a few months later in her hometown of Beaumont, Texas, on marijuana possession.

Given the chance to go back in time, she wonders if she would make the same mistakes again — and suspects she would. 

“I wouldn’t have this wisdom,” she said. 

Mutual admiration

The relationship between coach and player started when Morris was 12 years old and has grown in a decade to become a thing of mutual admiration.

“The beautiful thing about me and coach Mulkey is our will to win. We’re both competitors,” Morris said. “I look up to coach Mulkey. I don’t even think she knows it. I watch every little thing she does. I want to be a coach some day.”

Morris said it’s the little things that Mulkey insists upon that make the big differences — things such as everybody being on time and making sure the managers do the uniforms just so.

“The order, the structure, the discipline — everything she expects out of us,” Morris said. “She lives by it. She is honest. It’s crazy to witness.

“I didn’t grow up in that environment. I grew up in the inner city. I didn’t grow up with that kind of structure.”

Morris grew up with two sisters, now 23 and 21, and their mother, Sharonne Wilson-Morris, who had multiple jobs.

“The only thing she knows is to do the hard work,” Morris said. I can’t blame her for doing the hard things, doing a man’s job. One time she needed the alternator in our car changed when I was kid. I asked how long it would take to get it fixed. She said, ‘I’m going to change it myself.’


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