LSU Athletics announces ‘LSU GOLD’ a premium subscription content service to premier on August 1

LSU Athletics announces 'LSU GOLD' a premium subscription content service to premier on August 1
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LSU, in partnership with Playfly Sports announced the launch of an on-demand, premium content streaming service titled LSU GOLD that will launch August 1.

The platform will provide unseen content such as documentaries, interviews, podcasts and other premium content. It will be available to stream on mobile devices, desktop and laptop computers, and OTT streaming platforms, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV for a price of $8.99 a month.

“Through the launch of our subscription content network, LSU GOLD, and the convergence of our creative talents in South Stadium Productions, LSU Athletics is taking the next step to ensure we continue to lead the nation in innovative, engaging storytelling,” said Athletic Director Scott Woodward in a statement. “We are excited to offer our fans a subscription service to connect them closer to the teams they love, and we are confident the team we are assembling and the infrastructure we are building will help us further engage the most passionate fans in the country and take the already-iconic LSU brand to new heights.”

Among the new content featured in GOLD will be a new documentary series titled “The Follow,” which will be an all-access documentary following new Head Football Coach Brian Kelly’s first year with LSU from his arrival last December through the end of his first season.

Outside of that, content such as podcasts, film breakdowns, in-depth interviews with coaches and players and extended access into practices and events will be offered on GOLD.


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