Study finds most baby foods contain arsenic, lead, heavy metals

Study finds most baby foods contain arsenic, lead, heavy metals

A new study shows that baby food might contain traces of harmful heavy metals.

In the study, conducted by researchers from Healthy Babies Bright Futures, toxic heavy metals were discovered in 168 different baby foods. As a matter of fact, 95 percent of the baby food brands which were tested comprised of toxic metals which can pose hazardous threats to a child’s healthy brain growth.

The researchers discovered that almost all the baby foods that they tested were impure, containing traces of arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium. Upon seeing the study findings, one of the senators is now demanding a probe and action from the FDA.

The experts say that a child’s brain can face severe impact even with these trace quantities of neurological toxins.

As per co-author of the study, Jane Houlihan, one needs to take 3 significant steps in order to limit the exposure. First, reduce rice as the study found that rice-based snacks and rice cereals contained most arsenic. Second, avoid juice as it is rich in heavy metals. Lastly, experts suggest adding variety by replacing same, common baby foods such as sweet potatoes or carrots with other vegetables.

Houlihan further says that the companies are required to act immediately to get rid of such toxic metals from foods.

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