Trial period for two new traffic laws ends this month, enforcement starts November 1

Trial period for two new traffic laws ends this month, enforcement starts November 1

From November 1, the drivers in Alabama will be issued a ticket for 2 recent traffic laws that they might have just been cautioned about previously.

The 60-day trial period for backseat seat belt law and anti-road rage law was initiated from 1 September this year.

As per Curtis Summerville, an Alabama trooper, a traffic law is initially put on trial phase to give time for the public to get used to that law. During that time period, the law enforcement simply would pull the offending drivers over and just issue one warning.

The anti-road rage law prohibits the drivers from driving for over 1.5 miles on left lane without overtaking anyone.

Most of the time, the left lane riders are one of the main reasons for road rage events taking place on interstates, said Summerville.

Riding for too long a time in left lane sans passing drivers on right lane has been considered ‘impeding traffic’ always by the law enforcement. As such, this new regulation has been created to set particular left lane driving limits.

Meanwhile, the back-seat belt law encourages passengers riding on the backseat to also wear their respective safety belt. If an offending backseat passenger holds a valid driving license then he will get the ticket. And, if not then the driver will receive the ticket.

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