New Orleans has the world’s favorite American accent, according to Twitter comments

New Orleans has the world’s favorite American accent, according to Twitter comments
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According to a survey by the WordTips website, more people approve of the New Orleans manner of speech than any other accent. Yeah, you right!

According to a press release, WordTips —  a word-search site which, to be honest, we’d never heard of – surveyed 528,612 tweets in February 2023 to determine how Twitter users across the globe view various accents.

The website statisticians used “a Hugging Face artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze how positively Twitter users talk about 165 accents throughout the United States.”

Hugging Face reported that 46.4 of those surveyed approve of our particular mangling of English, which the website describes like so: “The local accent known as Yat is influenced by Irish, Italian, French and multiple African languages.”

The website advises that “Harry Connick Jr. is one celebrity that’s retained this popular southern drawl.”

We regret to report that only 25.2 percent of those surveyed approved of the Cajun accent. “Ayeeee!”

The Brooklyn New York accent was even less appreciated, at 22.2 percent. Which is odd since most people think the Brooklyn and New Orleans port accents are similar. The late Crescent City cartoonist Bunny Matthews famously said that people in New Orleans sound like people in Brooklyn on sleeping pills.


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