Do ‘mosquito hawks’ really eat mosquitoes? LSU AgCenter clears up misconceptions

Do 'mosquito hawks' really eat mosquitoes? LSU AgCenter clears up misconceptions
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Crane flies, mosquito hawks, “skeeter eaters”—those nuisance bugs are everywhere recently, in our homes, our businesses, and even in our cars. 

There are a few misconceptions about the humble crane fly, however, that the LSU AgCenter cleared up in a Facebook post on Sunday. 

The AgCenter corrected one major misunderstanding: crane flies do not eat mosquitoes. In fact, adults don’t feed at all. 

“Adults are short-lived, do not feed, and live only long enough to mate and deposit eggs, typically not more than a week,” the post read. 

For those wondering what the point of these insects is, then, the AgCenter affirms the flies are important nutrient recyclers and a source of food for animals such as birds, lizards, and predatory insects, so don’t be too trigger-happy with your pesticide. 

To keep crane flies from entering your home or other spaces you’d prefer to keep bug-free, the AgCenter recommends turning off lights and checking any possible points of entry such as loose-fitting doors or open windows. 


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