Letters: As a father whose son was murdered, I want to serious steps to curb crime

Letters: As a father whose son was murdered, I want to serious steps to curb crime
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It has been now over 22 months since my son,¬†Spencer Hudson, was shot by woman standing in the middle of one of the most famous streets in the world, Bourbon, at 2 a.m. March 20th, 2022. He had no culpability in his death. He was at work attending bar at The Cat’s Meow. He never laid eyes on his assailant, Daphney Jackson, nor she him.

The pain, grief and misery shared by so many of his friends and his mom and me cannot be described. That horrible night there were police stationed on Bourbon, but they were in their cars at the intersecting streets to Bourbon and were not able to control my son’s killer when she brandished a 40-caliber weapon.

With a pull of the trigger, she ended my son’s life and dreams in seconds.

His death via homicide is not unusual in New Orleans, which saw 280 deaths of that nature in 2022. Think about it, 280 souls lost their lives, mostly over nothing.

The person he was is what is unusual. His death has affected many friends and loved ones whose pain will never go away until their deaths too. The cheapness of life held by so many must be addressed.

I ask New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams and other officials, what are you doing to stop this madness?

I would suggest that you start by getting totally behind the police force and make it known that they have your support even to the point of using of lethal force when a person brandishes a weapon in a public place. Putting up yellow tape is too late.

My wife and I have truly endured the unendurable since our only child had his beautiful life stolen away. I pray that no other parent ever has to deal with the heartaches that endure forever when losing a child to such a hideous ending.




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