Letters: Jeff Landry insisted on parental rights, but would restrict ours

Letters: Jeff Landry insisted on parental rights, but would restrict ours

Has anybody else noticed contradicting statements from Attorney General Jeff Landry’s mouth? He’s repeatedly gone on the record in favor of “parent choice.” He’s stated “parents know what’s best for their kids and they should have a say in what their children are exposed to.”

He actually gave guidance to parents on how to get around the mask mandates at schools. He backed parents against their local school board and the FBI (some parents were acting crazy and illegally)? — and our top legal officer for the state sided with the people who were breaking the law because “parents should have a say.”

He sided with parents who were against their kids being vaccinated because “parents should have a say.” He’s against what he “thinks” is being taught in schools because “parents should have a say.”

He’s for charter schools/school choice because… “parents should have a say” …. And yet he’s behind legislation that will restrict what my kids can check out of the library. My library (Livingston Parish) has already frozen all children’s accounts and mandated that a parent go into the library (not online) and choose what they want their kids to be able to access.

I went in and gave my children the ability to access everything. I don’t need a law circumventing my right to let my kids read what they want. What happened to parent choice?

If Landry becomes governor, how will he feel when people are giving advice on how to get around his laws/mandates? I predict we’d get another tip line that we can use to tattle on our fellow citizens — sounds like Soviet-era/Communist Russia type tactics. And wasn’t restricting access to information another one of their tactics?


Denham Springs


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